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MOSQUITO KILLER - Protect Your Family & Loved Ones

MOSQUITO KILLER - Protect Your Family & Loved Ones

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Are you fed up with mosquitoes buzzing around your house?

Are you afraid of being bitten by mosquitoes and developing rashes, as well as being exposed to viruses and other diseases?

Do you want a safer, cleaner and healthier home environment where you and your family can spend time together and eat their meals without being bothered by annoying mosquitoes?

Meet Aussie Mozzie, the Leading Mosquito Killer, who has saved thousands of families from being bitten by mosquitoes, developing large red rashes and reducing the risk of viruses or diseases being transmitted to their bodies to 0%. Our Aussie families can now spend their valuable time playing and having meals together without being troubled by buzzing flies and mosquitoes around.

 Key Benefits:

✔️ Protects the House from All types of Bees & Mosquitoes

✔️ Attracts and Zaps Annoying Mosquitoes, Dead!

✔️ Gives Your Family House a Safer Environment

✔️ Stops 
the Spread of Viruses & Dangerous Diseases

✔️ Portable, Hangable & 
Easy to Use & Clean

✔️ Sleep 
Longer and Better with Zero Mosquitoes Around

✔️ No 
More Mosquitoes Bites/Stings & Painful Rashes

✔️ Increases 
the Hygiene Level of Your House

✔️ Keep 
your Pets Happier 24/7 from Flies and Mosquitoes

✔️ Stop 
the Bugs and Flies Infecting Your Food 

✔️ Enjoy 
Family Time Together Even More & Stay Healthy

✔️ FREE 
& FAST Delivery AU Wide

Thousands of cases
 are getting reported each year from Dengue-Fever and Malaria. The treatment can be very serious and can cause a lot of pain and trauma in an individual’s lifetime. As a result, this small portable device was created to provide our Aussies with peace of mind and allow them to live a healthier and happier lifestyle.
How Does it Work:

The Aussie Mozzie - The Mosquito Killer works by attracting mosquitoes, flies, and bugs by using UV light and then killing them with the working electric coil. It works as a magnet for all types of mosquitoes, flies, and bugs such as Sand Flies, Midges, Flies and Gnats. The UV wavelength works at a 360° angle and never misses a chance to do its job 101%.

The Aussie Mozzie is chemical-free and can charged for 3-5 hours using any USB port and that it can last 3 hours. Our Aussie Mozzie does not make any noise and lets you enjoy your activities without disturbing you at all. Easy to clean and can be taken anywhere with you, whether you are camping, going out for a picnic or even having family time at the park.


Recharge Battery (built-in battery & turn on/off switch)

USB direct plug (comes with USB charging cable)

Package List:

1X Mosquito Killer 13 x 10 cm

1X Cleaning Brush



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